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Vaping saves lives! Change the narrative! In my opinion, it is 100% safer and better for your health than smoking tobacco!

Vaping was the only smoking cessation tool that has successfully helped me quit cigarettes and I have tried almost everything else.

Vapers are living better lives -ask me.

Vaping Saved My Life, and millions of smokers who wanted to quit but failed using other methods. Quit lying!

Vaping is a much safer healthier alternative to smoking and my health after switching improved a lot

Vaping helped me to quit smoking and after a year of quitting cigarettes and only vaping my health changed to the better positive side. I even started losing weight because I where able to cut down on my sugar intake.

This is my life. This is a free country. Stop trying to control us and make decisions on our behalf.

After several failed attempts at quitting, I stumbled across vaping 8 years ago. Within 3 days of purchasing my 1st vaping kit, I stopped smoking.

Six years cigarette free, thankful to the vapor device that I will always praise its use above that of smoking. By far the best alternative as a way to quit smoking.

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