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I began vaping by using an electronic nicotine disposable system, it was so easy to quit smoking nicotine and start vaping instead.

I wanna vape with the world.

Quit smoking 10 years ago. Never looked back!! Vape saved my life!!!

No longer am I a victim to cigarettes and to the smells and horrible feelings of 2nd hand smoke that other people must endure – vaping has saved my life

I was a smoker for just about 10 years, Vaping has helped the transition between smoking and not smoking. I have been not smoking for about 9 years now and I can not stand the smell of cigarettes.

I smoked for 25 years, the problem was I enjoyed the whole experience of it and I wasn’t going to quit until a friend introduced me to vaping, I switched that day and since then I’ve never felt better.

I quit cigarettes in 2016 in favor of vaping. I was encouraged by my kids and quit after almost 40 years as a smoker. Now, 6+ years later, my lungs are clear and I will never go back to smoking regular cigarettes.

After smoking for 32 years I had some scary health issues, I knew I had to quit smoking but it is one of my great pleasures. I decided to give vaping a try. After a bit of adjusting, I found it to be a totally happy alternative to smoking.

I started smoking back in 1973. I smoked for almost 40 years. When vaping came along I gave it a try and was able to quit smoking very quickly and easily.

I started vaping when I was probably around 20 – I’m 28 now and I can’t even begin to explain how much vaping has saved my life. I can only imagine what would have happened to my health if I had kept smoking.

After I quit smoking with the switch to vaping, I felt a lot better over the past few months; I didn’t smell like smoke and my car didn’t smell like smoke anymore.

I’m fighting for the right to vape, due to the combustion from cigs causing harm, and major effects such as cancer!

I am a 52 y/o combat medic that should have the option to legally purchase and use vape products that have enabled me to quit smoking after 33 years.

Nicotine vape is not tobacco.

I’m signing because vaping is the only reason I have been cigarette free for nine years now.

Stop blocking my right to choose.

Vaping is the only option that I had success with in quitting smoking 7+years ago.

Stop lying to us and only provide guidance based on sound scientific facts, methodologies and principles.

Adults should be free to choose whatever harm reduction tools that work to keep them from using combustible tobacco products.

Vapor products have afforded me the vastly safer and better tasting alternative I needed to quit smoking. I have been combustion free for just over 3 years.

I was able to quit smoking cigarettes thanks to vaping. More than six years later, I feel a lot better, have more energy, and can breathe ten times better than when I was a cigarette smoker

I’m signing because I follow the science. I choose ENDS (vaping) to quit cigarette addiction.

I quit smoking and switched to vaping after 18 years back in 2018, and I feel so much better ever since. It’s not fair to conflate smoking with vaping.

Vaping saved my life. Don’t let politicians trade my life for their tax addiction.

I want others to have a choice!

With smoking rates decreasing in the US and Europe, tobacco companies want to hold onto the smokers in other countries to keep making money.

Vaping products saved my life when all other methods to quit smoking failed! Been smoke free for over 5 years now! Stop hurting smokers with lies

USA Vaping helped me to stop smoking cigarettes

I quit smoking because of Vaping. I have a right to decide what I put in my body. Higher taxes don’t prevent people from quitting.

I would probably be dead now if it weren’t for vaping. I’ve been vaping for over 8 years, and it allowed me to quit smoking.

Because I have been vaping for a few years now – the who needs to stay out of it & stop lying!

I quit smoking with vaping, and my health improved. Others should have the same opportunity.

I demand that global government agencies act according to science and not the influence of big money and investors!

I’m signing because I’m sick and tired of all the lies surrounding vaping. Vaping is at least 95% safer than traditional combustible cigarettes.

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I smoked for 25 years. I started vaping almost 10 years ago, when I started vaping I completely quit smoking and haven’t looked back.

Justice for smokers worldwide.

Vaping saves lives.

I smoked full-time from age of 13 and did not fully quit until I found vaping in 2013. The day I started vaping was the day I quit smoking and have been successful for 8+ years

I’m signing because I was able to quit smoking, which I’d done for over 30 years, by using vape products. I breathe better than I have in years.

Vaping flavors helped me kick cigarettes

I’m signing this because vape helped me quit smoking cigarettes, after many other times I tried patches, gum, and other methods. Vape was the only thing that actually worked.

Vaping has changed my life for the better. I was a pack-a-day or more smoker and quit that almost 8 years ago because I found a shop that switched me to vape.

Vaping with fruit and bakery flavors helped me end a 38 yr smoking habit that had reached 3 packs a day. Vaping and flavors saved my life.

Vaping has made it possible for me, a 35-year tobacco addict, to finally quit smoking cigarettes. My health has improved and I no longer smell like an ashtray.

I smoked for 24 years and switched to vaping and have not had a cigarette in over 2 years and 3 months.

I smoked for over 25 years and my adult kids convinced me 2 years ago to switch to vaping. I had tried every method to quit. Vaping was the only thing that has worked.

I vape my wife vapes it’s kept us off smoking and we love having a choice

I have people in my life who will live longer because they stopped smoking all because vaping nicotine became an option.

Flavors helped me to quit smoking after over 10 years of using cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. My quality of life is so much better.

Vaping saves lives period.

As a combat vet with lots of health problems from my deployments including breathing difficulties due to burn pits and when i smoked it made it worse. I’ve been tobacco-free for 7yrs because of vaping and especially delicious flavors

I’m signing this because vaping saved my life. I was a cigarette smoker for over 25 years and during that time I was having problems just doing everyday tasks because I couldn’t breathe.

I believe that you should have the right to vape if you want to. And I been vaping for 5years almost 6yrs now

Vaping has saved my life, made the transition from a harmful cigarette smoking habit to a better healthier one.

I switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping nicotine back in 2013. If it wasn’t for nicotine vapes, I’d still be stuck with cigarettes

Vaping saved my life and I do not want it to be dictated when there are people literally dying out there every day from cigarettes and that’s okay says the government it is my right to choose a 95% healthier alternative.

Vaping Flavored e-juice has helped me get of cigarettes

I’m signing because vaping helped me quit cigarettes. So many people think vaping is worse than cigarettes stop lying to the public!

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I smoked for 32 years and now ts been almost 18 months and still no cigarettes. I can breathe better now than I have in over 30 yrs. Vaping saves lives

I’m signing this petition because flavored vapor products saved my life! Before I made the switch from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day to vaping

Vaping has increased my feelings of health.

I’ve been cigarette free for over 6-years now. Vaping is a safer, effective tool.

Vaping saves lives and is the best smoking alternative on the planet. Everyone should have full access to any vapor product they choose, without extreme taxation and limited availability.

As an adult, I have the right to choose. I have the right to all information, not just selective information. I have the right to make informed decisions.

It’s my right to vape! I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 5 years, thanks to vaping, so give it up already..I’ll never switch back.

I was a heavy smoker for more than 30 years but then, 8 years ago, I tried electronic cigarettes and have been smoke-free ever since.

12.5yrs ago I was a 20 pack a day smoker. I gave vaping a try as the tech had gotten better and haven’t smoked since.

I’m a Vaper myself and I don’t want ppl to not have access to an alternative to smoking. Smoking KILLS!!

10 years free from combustible tobacco thanks to electronic vaping products.

The misinformation about vapor products has gotten out of control.

The more safer options gives a better chance to quitting smoking. After seeing smoking taking the lives of people I love I want people to succeed.

Vaping saved my life 11 years ago! My body, my right to choose a less harmful alternative.

Vaping helped me quit smoking cigarettes–my health has improved and I feel so much better.

Vaping was the ONLY thing that was able to get my husband and myself away from cancer causing cigarettes.

Because vaping is safer then cigarettes. My husband is living proof that it’s safer. His health has improved since he quit smoking and started vaping 6 years ago.

e-cigs saved both mine and my wife’s life. I smoked for over 50 years and on July 10, 2010 I picked up my first e-cig and I never touched a tobacco burning product again.

Because I want freedom to choose. Tobacco is known not to be safe yet it is still legal. Make that illegal! Stop succumbing to big tobacco money!

I’m signing because for far too long, organizations have tried their best to ban and or destroy things they don’t understand or are afraid of. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

I smoked cigarettes for over 40 years! I quit 6 years ago thanks to vaping. If you are serious about the health risks involved with cigarettes, then you will allow others the choice I had!

Firstly it’s our choice as adults! Secondly look to the UK, they’re proving how it’s a safe method of smoking cessation. Do not take our right for a safer alternative away!!

It’s our choice

Vaping is the only thing that helped me quit smoking deadly cigarettes. I smoked for 21 years & quit no problem with vaping.

When I started vaping in 2013, it was the ONLY thing that I used that not only helped me to quit combustible tobacco (cigarettes) products but to stay off of them!

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The science is there, I almost dropped out of high school (didn’t though) and I’m able to use the powers of critical thinking and deduction to see vaping is better than smoking,

After smoking for 40 years, I quit with vaping. Nothing that the government said would work helped at all. I literally stopped overnight!

Vaping has saved my life! I smoked cigarettes for over 12 years and tried everything to stop and couldn’t!

I’m signing because this is an important subject for me and so many others. We need alternatives. We DESERVE them.

I believe from my own personal experience that vaping is less harmful than smoking/chewing any form of tobacco product.

Vaping, and not smoked in SEVEN YEARS!!!

I quit a 2 pack a day 20-year smoking habit with vaping I feel so much better than I did in all my years of smoking a healthier alternative needs to be around

I quit smoking 8 years ago by Vaping. I smoked for 26 years and am healthier and breathe better today because of Vaping. I prefer Vaping fruit or candy flavors

Please stop the harassment of adults with regards to the smoking of vapors, including flavor additives!

Vaping is healthier than smoking.

We Vape We Vote

Our right to tobacco harm reduction will be infringed upon if we are not allowed safe alternatives such as Vape!

STOP THE LIES! Vaping has helped me and restored my health from the harm done by smoking analog cigarettes for over 20 years!

Stop lying to the world that vaping is bad. More than likely WHO has never performed an honest assessment of vaping.

WHO continues to lie. We oppose their lies on Vaping and demand they stop

I believe WHO is incorrect and the UK has done more substantial studies that shows Vaping is better than cigarettes. Let?s keep this Vaping option alive.

Vaping is much safer and gentler than smoking cigarettes. Individuals should have the right to a gentler option and the WHO needs to be clear on what the science is showing to date.

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Vaping has saved my life and the life of millions

We vape we vote and these outright lies will not be tolerated

Everyone deserves the right to make decisions about their own health. Vaping is a safe alternative to smoking!

Vaping helped me quit a 20+ year smoking habit

I’m signing this because vaping saved my life and ended my 45-year addiction to cigarettes

Vaping is the most effective method of harm reduction that we have and taking away our right to vape while leaving extremely dangerous and deadly combustible tobacco products on the market is negligence and accessory to murder by our politicians.

I’m sick and tired of having my rights infringed upon by rich old white men.

WHO is better than this come on people do what’s right!

I truly feel vaping has saved my life!

I’ve been vaping for 12 years. Quit a 2 pack a day cigarette habit. Much healthier now

This is so ridiculous that we have to ask our employees to leave us the hell alone!

It’s been proven as fact that Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than cigarettes

I was fortunate to have been able to have vaping to help me quit a 33 year smoking habit. I have been smoke free for 5 years now all thanks to vaping

Stop lying and follow the science WHO. You know that vaping will save and is saving lives from deadly combustible cigarettes. Been cigarette free for over 5 years now because of strawberry ice cream flavored eliquid.

I quit smoking, a 38 year habit, 2 packs of smokes a day. Vaping flavors instantly helped me quit smoking

Vaping helped me quit smoking! I smoked for 28 years and there is no doubt in my mind I wouldn?t have quit if I didn?t have vaping as a healthier alternative.

I smoked cigarettes for 35 years before switching. I had tried all the other methods to quit but kept falling back to cigarettes, vaping was the only way that stuck.

Vaping made it possible to quit harmful tobacco.

Vaping is harm reduction and should be celebrated.

I smoked cigarettes for 20+ years. Because of vaping and vanilla custard-flavored e-liquid, I was able to quit smoking cigarettes.

I believe it is every adult’s right to have the CHOICE to use a 95% less harmful alternative to combustible tobacco. Flavors and options a a big part of why vaping continues to be over 2 times more effective than traditional NRTs.

If it wasn’t for vaping I’d still be smoking. I think everyone else should have the same opportunity and options I had

I’m signing because I smoked cigarettes for 20 years and tried other alternatives to quit that did not help, vaping did. Now I’ve been cigarette free for 2 years and have never felt better.

I smoked for 31.5 I’ve been 4 yrs cigarette free! Flavor bans will stop people.

I believe in freedom and the right to choose!!

Vaping helped me to quit smoking! In 10 years since I switched to vaping I see a lot of positive changes to my health – do not block my options to continue vaping instead of falling back to smoking!

Vaping got myself and millions off cigarettes. Your lies are literally killing people. Bravo

People everywhere should have the freedoms /rights to choose vaping as a healthier lifestyle.

Please quit dictating our personal choices and making decisions that take away our rights as adults.

I request the right to make my own choices. I have chosen vaping as it is the only way I can abstain from smoking cigarettes – it is a life-saving option for me

I want the right to choose.

Vaping has been the best transition from smoking foul, offensive, cancer-causing cigarettes.

I am a former smoker whose life and health have been massively improved by switching to Nicotine Vapor products. Dishonestly public Health Orgs must be held accountable for spreading misinformation

I’m signing because if it wasn’t for vape products, I wouldn’t have been able to quit.

I have not smoked a cigarette in 9 years. No nicotine or anything else that you get from them. Would not have done this without the aid of vaping

Harm reduction is important! You take flavors, people will just DIY them. Would you prefer people smoking?

I have equal rights to make my own informed decisions.

Vaping saved my life, please don’t take our rights away. I’m a grown adult that should be able to choose what I want to put into my body.I choose to vape and not smoke nasty cigarettes.

As an adult, I should have the right to choose less harmful alternatives over traditional cigarettes. I also need to have access to these products.

I am a vaper having quit tobacco use about 10 years ago. I do not agree with the limitations on flavors

It is my right as a human being to choose to vape. I smoked for over 40 years and vaping helped me quit.

After 38 years of struggling to quit my 2 pack a day smoking habit, vaping fruit flavored eliquid allowed me to completely quit smoking in less than a month.

Vaping has allowed me to quit a 40-year, 2-pack-per-day cigarette habit. I vape 3mg of nicotine. I make my own flavored liquid.

Vaping has saved my life from cancer causing cigarettes. Please do not take my choice away to vape!!!

I am a cancer survivor who smoked from 21 years and the only thing that helped me kick the habit was vaping. Three days after starting vaping, I never picked up a cigarette again.

After 40+ years as a smoker I was finally able to quit, thanks to a vapor product and peanut butter waffle flavor. Why do I have to fight for the right to stay smoke-free?

I quit with Mixed Berry Ice 45 yrs Smoking 2 yrs smoke free vaping.

I stopped smoking six years ago because of vaping and am tired of misinformation campaigns about it.

Safer alternatives to smoking should be encouraged instead of frowned upon.

I’m signing because I work at a vape shop where we truly make lives better by vapor products. We have had countless amount of guests come in how have completely stopped smoking cigarettes because they found vaping!!!

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Vaping took me from over a pack of cigarettes a day to nothing, in two days flat! Don’t take that away from me because of Big Tobacco’s lies!!

Vaping is under attack for reasons outside of health and science and if we are to progress as a species, we must scrutinize ideas that interfere with that progress.

I care about vaping it helps my mental health issues and calms me

I believe in harm reduction. Cigarettes are very harmful. Prohabition did nothing to stop alcohol or marijuana, so why block a 3,000 times safer alternative to cigarettes.

Vaping is far better than smoking, there is no doubt. As an adult I resent these lies and intervention that limit my options, especially when cigarettes and alcohol are still making huge profits everywhere!!!

We demand fair regulation!

Vaping has been repeatedly proven to be magnitudes safer than smoking AND more effective than conventional quit methods, even for those who repeatedly failed in the past with those methods.

Vaping is a safer nicotine delivery system. The gum, lozenges, nor the patches worked for me.

I quit a 24 year cigarette habit by switching to nicotine vapor devices, a much less harmful alternative! I still use banana and caramel flavors.

I’ve switched from cigarettes to vaping and feel much more healthier and happier! Please don’t interfere with my own personal journey! It will only backfire and create people circumventing such laws.

I’m not a smoker, but several people that i’m very close with have struggled to quit cigarettes for years. Vaping instead of smoking has drastically improved their health

When the most effective cessation products are heavily taxed and the preferred flavors and strengths are limited, the number of smokers quitting will also be limited.

The right to choose is ours. Everyone should have that right without high cost penalties and stop with the lies!

The WHO should be ashamed of themselves for the despicable behavior that they have shown towards the vaping industry.

I’m signing because without my watermelon lemonade-flavored vape I’d still be smoking.

I 100% believe in vaping and that it is a lifesaver. All of the negative press is completely false and is hurting vaping from reaching the masses.

Adults have a right to choose a scientifically proven safer alternative to smoking. To choose a potentially life-saving technology, and every aspect of it including flavors.

I quit a 46-year smoking habit, don’t make me have to start again because I can’t buy vape products.

Fine to restrict vaping product to prevent access by youth. Destructive and misguided to restrict their use by adults. Vaping saves lives and restrictions will do far more harm.

Vaping has allowed me to quit smoking and my health has improved, without the flavors I never would have quit smoking. It helps millions

I am signing this as I want to continue to use the vape products. Without these I would be smoking cigarettes and will be in worst health.

I’m sick and tired of the lies and disinformation manipulated by organizations espousing as helpful or benevolent to children and adults. The attacks and lies about the vapor industry have to stop!

I feel healthier since I quit smoking and started vaping. I don’t want vaping products to be difficult to obtain in fear of returning to smoking cigarettes.

It’s important that harm reduction that works be an option for adults. Look at the science. Talk to people who tried every way to stop smoking and found success only when they discovered vaping. Let science lead the way.

I’m 50 years old. I damaged my body for over 25 years smoking cigarettes. Vaping has been a godsend for me. I deserve the right to have any flavor I choose

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Vaping (and the availability of flavors) helped me quit a heavy 35-year smoking habit. Feel better, smell better, family is better.

Harm REDUCTION may save millions of lives. Banning reduced-risk products will kill the same

Vapor is an important harm-reduction tool, and should be available to everyone 21 and older

Sick and tired of being lied to by politicians with a hidden agenda

I find it simply astounding that the same folks who have been restricting vaping are working hard to legalize pot. I’m an adult and choose my activities without government oversight.

Stop lying to us and only provide guidance based on sound scientific facts, methodologies and principles.

Because of vaping I have now been free from a 40+ year cigarette habit for 7 years. I firmly believe vaping has saved me from a miserable early death.

Quite frankly, no human or group of humans, regardless of wealth, power, and claimed knowledge, should have control over what any other adult human wants to do with its own body.

I depend on my low-nicotine e-cig after smoking cigarettes for 45 years.

Stop lying to us and only provide guidance based on sound scientific facts, methodologies and principles.

While it should be clearly aimed at smoking, this is taking down the vape industry with it. Vaping is a safer alternative to cigarettes. Leave vaping alone!

I’m signing because harm reduction is MY right. Smoking combustible tobacco nearly killed me; vaping saved my life!

I feel as an adult I have the right to vape. Vaping has stopped my tobacco use which is far more deadly and offensive. It is my right to choose and not theirs (WHO)!

Patches and gum don’t work for everyone, and people should have more options to quit smoking, not less. By taking away this avenue you are encouraging people to just keep smoking, which is far worse. Stop it.

Vaping saved my life, vaping IS NOT smoking!

I am signing because I was a smoker for over 25 years and had tried to quit multiple times, over multiple years. I had tried the patch, gum and a combination of the two, and nothing else had worked, except for vaping.

My friends and family deserve safer alternatives to tobacco.

I smoked cigarettes for over fifty years, and tried to stop multiple times with no success. For the past four years, I have vaped without touching a cigarette, and my health is tremendously improved.

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As adults, we should have the free will to choose what and what doesn’t go into our bodies, and not have some organization “WHO” by the way should be pushing harm reduction and the science behind it.

Vaping saved me from a lifetime of cigarette-related illness. After 30 years of smoking, I was able to quit thanks to vaping. Seven years free from cigarettes.

Vaping helped me stop smoking after 20 years of breathing in all that disgusting smoke & poisons!! Don’t take it away

Those truth commercials are ridiculously retardated & it infuriates me they try trick teenagers into smoking cigarettes by claiming vaping is more carcinogenic than cigarettes themselves, what a bunch of retarded fools we’re turning the young people into even though some are better off killing themselves rather than the idiotic media flat out lying to their innocent minds

I smoked a pack a day of regular combustible cigarettes for decades. I was beginning to have trouble breathing it took me 2 years to go from 20 cigarettes a day to 10 cigarettes a day. I decided to try vaping and I was able to quit combustible cigarettes in 2 weeks.

Vaping was the answer to a deathly 20-year smoking habit. 12 years later I am thrilled to say I still am a nonsmoker and am much healthier AND still enjoy low nicotine vaping.

I used vaping to quit smoking entirely. I no longer smoke or vape nicotine products and only vape cannabis.

I Vape!

Vaping is much less harmful and the only method I found to quit tobacco! I am an adult and I have the right to choose!

Stop deciding for adults. The bans on alcohol and marijuana really worked out well didn’t they?

I have been tobacco-free for 15 years, and my mother for 14 years now. We are healthier and happier because we’re free from cigarettes.

It should be my decision

Vaping has changed my life for many many many years as well as my friends we are in our 20’s I never want to have another cigarette in my life!

I vape and I vote

Our right to choose.

This is absurd! Goes against our constitutional rights.

I use a vaporizer for marijuana and it is healthier than smoking marijuana

Tobacco Harm Reduction has saved countless lives and for the World HEALTH Organization to ignore that is CRIMINAL!!

Because vaping saved my life by allowing me to quit smoking cig

A blanket ban across all vaporizer products is unjustified, we live in America and I’m tired of the government infringing on our civil liberties.

I am signing this petition because I believe that I do have the RIGHT to choose a less harmful alternative to combustible cigarettes and I also have the RIGHT to choose the flavors I enjoy

It’s my right to choose what I put in my body, or not. Smoke-free for 8 yrs, thanks to vaping.

I’m signing because vaping has been a life change for the good. I’ve been able to do more, sleep better, and join a fantastic community of hobbyist vapers who enjoy vapes as much as me.

Vaping has saved me and helped me quit smoking. Flavors are what was able to do that. I have tried all other options and nothing else worked

We have the right to choose different alternatives to quitting smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is gross and we need vapes. It’s our right.

Vape save my life so stop flavored alcohol before messing with vaping.

As an adult, it is OUR choice to choose vaping over smoking. Vaping has changed my life absolutely for the better.

Vaping helped me quit my cigarette addiction

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