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I was a smoker for 41 years, tried lots of methods to stop, started using an e-cig in October 2015, have not smoked tobacco since then.

I smoked from 16yrs – 34yrs & have been vaping for the last 3 years using mouth to lung vape. It was the only product that has kept me off cigarettes.

I smoked for over 30 years. I always wanted to quit but after trying all the available NRT and prescripton meds from doctor, and none of it worked, vaping did work.

Vaping has given me the ability to quit smoking, something I never thought was possible. We deserve the right to harm reduction options!

As an ex-smoker, I needed to use many types of cessation. Vaping isn’t perfect, but it is one of the best tools to get away from tobacco. I felt healthier choosing vaping over traditional tobacco products.

Vaping saved my life

I’ve been vaping since 2013 and don’t want to see it banned anywhere. Just because it looks like smoking doesn’t mean it has any of the bad effects of smoking. Opposing vaping is like opposing motor vehicles because you don’t like horses. Idiotic.

I’m signing because as adults we and only we get to decide what we do and don’t put into our bodies.

I’m sick of the Govt thinking they know best when it comes to personal choices.

Pro vape!

I tried quitting cigarettes multiple times over the years, I tried vaping and hated it then tried again and it worked

Smoked for 20 years, have used a smoke-free alternative for one year and one month now and I can keep up with my kids much better.

Giving up smoking is the best thing I could have done for myself. Vaping has worked for me.

24 years smoking. I have been vaping now for 7 years and will never again touch a combustible product.

I went out and bought a vape and fully committed to quitting smoking. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought and I have never looked back.

After 45 years, I found the vape and my health has never been better.

As a cigarette smoker I have wasted thousands of dollars. I now vape.

I quit a 35-year cigarette smoking habit instantly at the age of 54 by taking up vaping. It was effortless, I just stopped one and started the other.

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