Professor Ron Sison

Professor Sison is Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Technology, University of Santo Tomas.

As an educator myself, and teaching public health, I think one way to incorporate basic harm reduction concepts is to incorporate them in the curriculum of students in HS.

The Asia Harm Reduction forum is the prime gathering of the scientific people in the region to discuss certain causes affecting public health and counter measures in reducing harm.

If we are to become cautious and fact-based individuals, it will save more lives, further reduce harm, and generate more opportunities in improving public health in the Philippines.

We are to become social and public health advocates, stongly adhering to the current United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The learnings and initiatives that have been realized here in this event will benefit and help the Asian Region in choosing the right choices in order to save more lives.

The last year has been significantly special for our country’s harm reduction policies, with the passing of the Phillipine Vape law, we have gotten closer to making it safer for every Filipino.

Congress passed this law with the harm reduction in mind for all our adult smokers who would like to switch from smoking.

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