Asa Saligupta

Asa is a Director of ENDS Cigarette Smoking Thailand (ECST)

Thai people’s view, fortunately, more and more people, are getting the knowledge that vaping is safer than smoking.

People’s knowledge that vaping is definitely safer than smoking is growing less and less and less, and there are more people thinking that vaping is at least if not more harmful than smoking.

The opposition is using mainstream media to release this information to the general public that vaping is actually a lot more harmful than cigarette smoking.

We’ve been listening to harm reduction in general for so many years, it’s in everybody’s life, the government asking you to put a seatbelt on, riding a motorcycle you must wear a helmet.

The pros of tobacco harm reduction, actually any harm reduction, it’s in the name of harm reduction.

Harm reduction is great for every field, everything, especially tobacco harm reduction, we know how many dangerous chemicals are in cigarettes.

If WHO comes out and says vaping is 100% safe, or liquid and electronic cigarettes are 100% safe, then they will leave us alone.

I’ve never heard of WHO saying anything is 100% safe, even drinking water or mineral water, there’s nothing in this world that is 100% safe

We are looking at probably a brighter future for vapers in Thailand.

If you visit Thailand, our government owns the tobacco manufacturing company.

At least your government acknowledges the existence of vaping it’s not in complete denial, if the government acknowledges the existence of anything, you have a chance.

We don’t want new faces, we don’t want nicotine-naive people to come into the circle.

In Thailand, we’ve been through seven or eight years now of really conservative policies and views toward vaping.

Vaping is definitely something to replace smoking, you want to be as far away from the originality of smoking itself as possible, thats why, like me, for example, I went with doing flavours and bubble gum and whatnot.

We also have to be careful how progressive Thailand’s law is compared to other countries’ law, the main idea is everything is different.

Tobacco harm reduction is something, we have to admit, this is something pretty recent.

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