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Made me stop smoking! What else could be more important than that.

Vaping helped me quit smoking analog cigarettes totally 100%. Please fight for our right to vape and to live longer.

Vape it on! Spread the clouds not the sickness!

This is the only outlet for me to release the stress of my daily routine. If this would be banned it will be difficult for me to find something to calm my mind and be relaxed.

Vaping helped me to quit smoking, I’m 7 months free from cigarette smoking Vape On and Vape Safe!

Exhale the past, inhale the future.

Vaping electronic cigs took away my hypertension and any of my heart related issues that I got from smoking cigarettes.

I love vaping since the day I bought my mod I did really stop smoking now I can feel light than I’m used to

Do not ban vaping, it doesnt contribute to air pollution and totally less harmful.

Vaping is best than smoking cigarretes.

I believe vapong doesnt harm the user. We have lots of friends, including me who has testimonies in switching from cigarette to vape which helps us be healthier.

Please don’t ban the vape industry it helps so many people quit smoking cigarette , you can put rules where to vape so we can follow the rules you make .

I think vape/e-cigarettes should NOT be banned because, it gives positive result to the health/body of a an ex-smoker and vapers than analog cigarettes.

Vaping changed my life I was a smoker for 20yrs And now 9 months smoke free

I have stopped smoking because of vaping, and I here by support our right to vape and help other fellow smokers to quit tobacco smoking.

I believe that vaping is healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. I have seen the effects of smoking and it is very very scary.

Smoking is DEAD! Vaping is the Future!

I’m signing in because I want to promote vape because vape is safe to use and many people who are using vape are having a good life.

Because of vape or vaping, many smokers around the world have changed their lives. For the millions of people it has helped, vaping is considered the most effective way to quit smoking.

I’m signing because, WHO did not help others to quit smoking, vaping did.

I’m signing because I want to solve the current issue of prevalent cigarette usage which has a negative impact to every user. With the negative impact of cigarette usage, there are many people and families affected with it.

Let’s support this petition to improve the dissemination of useful, accurate information and thus protect the health of our populace

I believe in right to switch

Smoking is dead, vaping is the future.

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