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My boyfriend started to vape 7 years ago trying to stop smoking after many years of being a smoker and he did right away. He’s smoke free since then and I just can thank enough vape products for that!

I switched over completely to nicotine vaping products in June 2014, after 35-plus years of smoking cigarettes.

I was slowly killing myself smoking for 37 years, I have been vaping for 5 years now with no negative side effects. Probably saved my life.

Vaping helped me quit cigarettes for good

I quit smoking by using vape

Banning nicotine vaping is going to make it harder for people who are attempting to quit to be successful at it.

I was a former smoker and used vaping to quit. I quit with fruit and dessert flavours.

Vaping saved my life. As an asthmatic cigarettes were killing me. I can now consume nicotine without taking a puffer and breathe way better then I did before

My rights matter!

Vaping is a substantially less harmful alternative to smoking. Period. The end. Only those with a vested interest in big tobacco, big pharma, etc want these rules. Misinformation has ruled the airwaves for years, and these new proposed regulations will only contribute to the premature deaths of more than the current annual number.

Don’t take away my human right to choose to get my nicotine in a less harmful manner and as an ADULT I should have the right to only vape dessert flavours….

Because the WHO needs to follow its own mandate and be open-minded.

I quit cigarettes in 2017 by switching to vaping and have never felt better. I have no faith in the WHO ever being straightforward regarding any health issues.

31 Years a smoker. 4 years and counting no longer a smoker. I will fight to stay nonsmoking.

I have the right to choose a reduced-harm method, to consume nicotine

Vaping actually literally saves lives

Any advocacy to get the truth out is definitely worth it! The TRUTH! Vaping is simply a life-saving marvel….

How can there not already be more than 2500 signed? this is our only chance to do something before it’s too late!

I do not ever remember authorizing the WHO to make life decisions on my behalf. As a result of vaping and flavors, I quit smoking cigarettes 7 years ago and feel infinitely better. WHO’s decisions are not based on fact and truth as mandated. If The WHO continues down it’s current path, will be responsible for more deaths globally than any single entity in the history of human civilization.

Vaping is harm reduction for those that smoke.

I am signing because I quit a 40 smoking habit by vaping #Right2Switch

I vape myself; helped me quit smoking. I only started vaping when i was 19

I am a former 30-year combustible cigarette smoker who switched to vaping to save my life and enjoy nicotine as a responsible adult. Please don’t take my flavours away… adults like ice cream too. Flavours made me quit cold turkey years ago and my health is truly unbelievable. Vaping is nothing short of a miracle empowering former smokers to quit and transition with success.

It’s my right to stop smoking combustible cigarettes and Vape. I’ve been smoke-free since 2015 thanks to Vaping. Don’t kill me by taking away this life-saving technology

I’m a vaper

I rely on flavors to prevent me from going back to smoking, I see you trying to stop sensible people from vaping but do nothing to stop children from smoking cigarettes, are you trying to bump up the tobacco companies’ profits?

I quit smoking and heavily rely on vaping. Please don’t remove flavors and reinstate the 50mg nic. I have the right to choose. It’s definitely better than cigarettes, alcohol, Marijuana, opioids, etc. Why take vaping away and leave these substances? What is this? Prohibition? You’re fueling black markets.

I switched over completely to nicotine vaping products in June 2014, after 35 plus years of smoking cigarettes.

Everyday smoker for 35 years until I stumbled into a vape shop, despite all I’ve done though to improve my health I am treated like a criminal by my own government.

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