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Was a smoker for 17 years, vaping help me kick this habit. I’ve been smoke free for 2 years now and will very soon be quitting vaping.

Instead of imposing a ban on Vapes regulate the industry. It’s safer than smoking as studies have shown. If you wanna ban vaping I would say ban smoking as well.

Please base your decisions on scientific data rather than ‘opinions’ of doctors and officials

Vaping is a better alternative to smoking. Period.

I have switched to vaping from cigarettes. I feel much better now and also have better sleep than before. Please get the research right before banning such thing.

I think everyone has the right to vape, as it is a healthier alternative to smoking. I have been vaping since 3 months now and I could already feel the difference

Smoking is dead and vaping is the future. Leave tobacco, switch to vaping. 95% less harmful than smoking.

Had been smoking since 5 year but since last year stopped smoking and started vaping. No more lung problem and coughing.

Vaping saves lives no running from that. If not the best still way better than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Please don’t abandon us from our rights to choose a healthier alternative.

Smoking consumers have been looking since long to quit the habit once they are in. Now they have got an alternative option and it is 95% less harmful to traditional smoking.

Lets stop the Tobacco lobby sponsored genocide across the world!!!

I quit smoking after 15 years thanks to vaping in one day its been 200 days am totally smoke free i support vaping it saved my life.

I want to quit cigarettes and no nicotine Vape is a great alternative for me and I enjoy vape. Please don’t take this great and fun alternative of smoke from us.

The ban in India has created a black market because of this, the prices of supplies are absurdly high. I don’t wish to be treated as some drug abuser! It has been much easier for me to avoid smoking cigarettes since I began vaping nic salts that are 30mg+. And I’ve been far more satisfied with just a few hits at a time, especially when I crave cigarettes.

Former smoker and current vaper for 6 years quit a 20 years (40 cigarette average) habit, thanks to vaping.

Rahil Ahmed:
I support this change.

Hafeezulla Shariff:
It is harmful to human beings and it is destroying the youth, the upcoming generation.

Shrey Sharma:
Vaping is a million times better than smoking. Was smoking from 2009, and started vaping from 2015 onwards. I noticed an IMMENSE change in my body since the change. Indian govt is making silly excuses to ban vaping based on nothing. Bunch of bureaucratic numbnuts.

I’ve been smoking for 10 years and then switched to vaping 2 years ago and I feel much better after making the switch completely.

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