How to Stop Smoking

Hello there!  As you are reading this article it means that you have taken the steps to find out your options to stop smoking.  Most likely, you have tried the various options offered by your doctor or the local smoking cessation clinic and none of them have worked for you.

But first, Congratulations and Welcome!

Many of us have been in the exact same boat as you are.  Many smokers try to quit their habit time and again. Some manage to do it, but most people just go back to smoking after a few weeks, days, or even hours of trying.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you stop smoking by switching over to vaping.

Step 1: Start With your local Specialist Vape Shop

The best place to start is with the experts.  Most, if not all who work in Specialist Vape Shops are former smokers themselves.  They UNDERSTAND and are more than willing to help you find what works for YOU.

Step 2:  Choose what works FOR YOU

This simple practice can go a long way in helping you keep up with your mission.

Typically, most recent smokers who start with pods with 3% to 5% (30mg- 50mg) nicotine strength. These strengths offer a comparable level of nicotine that smokers get from their cigarettes.

If you cannot tolerate nicotine salt liquids, then you can try freebase nicotine.  Most recent smokers start with 6mg to 18mg freebase nicotine.

If you need more tailored advice, here you go:

  • Heavy smokers that consume 20+ cigarettes a day should consider starting with a high strength 30-50mg nicotine salt e-liquid/18mg freebase nicotine
  • Medium smokers that consume 10-20 cigarettes a day should consider a mid-strength (20mg-30mg) nicotine salt e-liquid/12mg freebase nicotine
  • Light smokers who consume 10 cigarettes or less, should consider a lower strength 10-20mg nicotine salt e-juice/6mg freebase nicotine

Step 3: Vape the Right Way

Vaping and smoking are two vastly different experiences and activities. So, when you transition from smoking to vaping, you must learn to vape the proper way. This will depend on the device and do get advice from the vape shop.

Step 4: Choose the Right e-Liquid Flavor

Becoming a vaper opens you up to thousands of flavours, nicotine strengths, and mouth feels.

Initially, you may be tempted by the taste and flavour of tobacco you are trying to quit. It’s also quite common for new vapers to want something completely different than tobacco flavour and use fruit, dessert or beverage flavoured e liquid.  Again, it is up to you, and what works for you.

Step 5: Go Easy on The Switch

The trick to a successful switch from smoking to vaping is finding the right flavour and nicotine strength for you. At first, vaping may not give you the “full effect” you get with smoking but usually within a few days, you will notice your body adjusting to the new reality and accepting vaping as the primary nicotine fix activity.

Step 6: Don’t Walk Alone!

If you need help, visit your local specialist vape shop.  If you want support online, join one of the local Facebook groups for vapers in your location.  Again, most of the people on Facebook who are in vape groups, were once where you are and they understand where you are and what issues may arise.

Step 7: What to expect when you have stopped smoking

Without the smoke and toxins constantly damaging the tissues in your nose, mouth, and lungs, you will experience a heightened sense of smell and taste. Foods, drinks, flowers, fragrances, and everything around you will feel fresh and livelier than ever before.

But first, your body may want to rid itself of all the toxins from years of smoking.  So do not be surprised if you suffer through coughing, wheezing, and shallow breathing to start. This is caused by the deposits and debris left by cigarette smoke in your lungs.

How to Make the Switch From Smoking To Vaping Easier? Here Are Some Tips: 

  • Stay Hydrated.

When you make the switch you may find yourself thirsty more often, and this is fine.  Drink more water.  Most of us, whether we smoke/vape or not, are already dehydrated to begin with.   Hydration is key.

  • Don’t Expect a Miracle

Vaping is great, but remember, it’s only a catalyst to what you are trying to achieve. It’s not the ultimate solution. Your willpower and determination go a long way in helping you overcome smoking.

Whether you want the fruitiest of flavours, or the most colourful vape devices, it’s your choice. When you enjoy what you vape, you are more likely to stick to it.

Vaping has successfully helped many adults stop smoking, if done right it will most likely work for you too!


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