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I sign this because vaping helped me to finally quit smoking after 26 years. This chance cannot be taken away from people and science clearly shows the benefits that smokers have once they’re able to switch. Demonizing the only healthy alternative most of us have is wrong…

Auf der Basis einer sehr eigenwillig extremen Interpretation des eigenen Artikels 5.3 verweigert die WHO FCTC jegliche Zusammenarbeit mit denen, um die es ihnen angeblich geht: Den Verbrauchern.Sie behaupten Splitter im Auge des Nächsten zu sehen, wo keine sind, doch den Balken im eigenen Auge sehen sie nicht! Viele ihrer Mitglieder sind selbst stark an der lokalen Tabakindustrie beteiligt. Teilweise haben sie sogar das Monopol. HEUCHLER!

Google Translation: On the basis of a very idiosyncratic, extreme interpretation of its own Article 5.3, the WHO FCTC refuses any cooperation with those they claim to be concerned about: the consumers. They claim to see splinters in the eyes of others where there are none, but the beam in their own eyes do not see them! Many of its members are themselves heavily involved in the local tobacco industry. Sometimes they even have a monopoly. HYPOCRITE!

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