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Vaping saved my life.

I’ve heard the silly argument that sweet flavours are targeting kids, even though most adults, like me, buy the same sweet flavours they want banned?

I believe it is my right to choose how I wish to quit tobacco without the prohibitive interference from politicians and beaurocrats that have a “profit” agenda rather than a true health agenda for the world’s population.

I started smoking at 17 and have smoked for 35 years, I tried a disposable vape for the first time a few months ago and within 3 days I preferred the vape and quit smoking.

I am signing because it is a stupid law banning buying nicotine oil for vaping. I do not want to go back to smoking cigarettes. It is bad for my health and I cannot afford cigarettes

Truthfulness benevolence forbearance

I’m tired of organisations like WHO bowing to big businesses, ignoring scientific data and lying and misleading the public. The time for truth is now.

I don’t want the right to choose alternatives to smoking be taken away & I support the right to vape which I believe is healthier than cigarettes!

The WHO, elitist governments, billionaire philanthropists, pig pharma, pig tobacco, anti-tobacco, 30% of the medical industry, are all addicted to tobacco death income. Plying a mandate of death from smoking. The SYSTEM is a sham. Support vaping, it IS Harm Reduction, like seat belts. Not perfect but magnitudes safer.

Enough with demonizing nicotine. We understand more about it outside of smoke today than ever before. Target harm from smoking and reducing it. Quit or die is just cruel and does not get results. It’s a human rights violation to deny safer nicotine alternatives.

Access to tobacco harm-reduction products is a human right! People should have the #RightToSwitch from combustible tobacco products to low-risk sources of nicotine.

I’m signing because I don’t want my right to vape taken away because of false and misleading information

I should have the right to choose a safer alternative Vaping has been the only way i have been able to give up cigarettes. It has been 2 years since I have had a cigarette

Vaping has saved my life. A severe asthmatic who stupidly started smoking. Smoked 50+ a day and was on so much medication for steroids, preventers, relievers, nebulizers. Started vaping and no more medications. Life is great now cause I can breathe.

To not have the right to choose E-Cigarettes over normal smoking will cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

I was a long-term cigarette smoker, who now uses a vape.

I have the right to vape just like I have the right to smoke cigarettes… my choice is saving my life so I vape proudly.

The WHO can not be trusted when it comes to vaping.

Harm reduction is going to take pressure off our health infrastructure.

Vaping helped me quit cigarettes 6 years ago. I quit vaping 2 years ago with no urge to use nicotine anymore. Vaping saved my life.

People with dependence have a right to options and the greatest risk to you people is a profitable black market that has no qaulity control

I have stopped smoking with the use of a vape. I continue to use it as it stops me relapsing.

I believe it is my right to choose what I put inside my body. Governments are supposed to work for the people and act in our interests, not dictate to us on what we can or cannot put into our bodies ( within reason). If I can do the proper research surely they can too

I have a right to vape

Vaping saved my life.

It’s every smoker’s right to choose a quit smoking aid/safer alternative to smoking … Vaping has saved my life, & has saved hundreds of thousands of others’ lives globally! Impeding people’s access to vaping will potentially cost up to a billion lives by century’s end. It’s everyone’s human right to health, & to be able to make informed choices regarding their health-which includes vaping as a safer alternative to cigarettes, to be able to quit cigarettes how they choose with vaping, & to be able to freely access a highly effective quit smoking aid that is vaping.

There are many people I know who cut out smoking altogether and their breathing is back to normal and no constant coughing so maybe it’s a better alternative.

As the title suggests, it is our right to switch, to choose a proven less harmful alternative to smoking.

I’m signing because vaping has helped me kick the worst habit for my health since vaping is proven to be 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking

I was a smoker and before vaping, it was hard to switch however once I started vaping I felt better in my mental and physical health as I started to not smell like shit and was able breathe better from not inhaling toxic chemicals from cigarettes which is not in the best interest of the public’s health

Vaping is the best quitting aid for smokers

I support choice!

Vaping is the ONLY thing that helped me quit smoking cigarettes after 25 years of smoking.. I tried Champix, hypnotherapy, and everything else on the market and nothing else worked. Now 18 months smoke-free and health is massively improved.

Vaping saved my life and my family

I believe in saving lives. Vaping saves lives

I’ve been cigarette free for 3 years thanks to vaping !!

Because vaping and choosing flavours in my choice.

I’m signing because I have tried every method to quit smoking and the only thing that actually worked was vaping. Its much less harmful than cigarettes. I have not felt this good in years

Vaping has saved my life. I was finally able to quit smoking after 30 years and am now over 2 years smoke-free. My health is vastly improved, and my biannual bouts of bronchitis are a thing of the past. If vaping is banned, I will have had the benefit of using it to quit smoking and I will never go back, and I feel very strongly that it should be accessible to those who, like me, have tried so many other methods and failed. In my opinion, vaping products should be as widely and easily available as cigarettes.

I’m tired of the government’s ineptitude and obvious bias against vaping. Their decisions lack common sense or relevance to contemporary peer reviewed research. They need to go.

Vaping is the only thing that has stopped me from smoking, 37 years smoker, 6 years vaper.

We deserve to make our own decisions that affect our own health for the best or worse.

Vaping helped me quit cigarettes and save money.

I’m trying to quit smoking, after many many years. I shouldn’t have to fight the government to get nicotine so I can reduce, or flavor to make it more enticing to help me. Don’t let the cigarette taxes dictate this, think of the medical benefits to everyone!

I smoked 30yrs until 3yrs ago when I found vaping. I could never quit with other methods. I did it by accident with vaping!

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